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Where To Go For Effective Plans In Bedshee
13.04.2017 00:58

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Each year the games have a theme, and for 2017 they have chosen to celebrate Boudica, the tribal queen who struck back against the empire in Britain. Mediterranean magic or Atlantic adventure which French coastline is for you? One of the highlights of this years events will be a live performance by Hollywood composer Hans Zimmer, the man responsible appropriately enough for the music of Gladiator. Watching the sunset while his music plays will be magical. In Lille , in northern France, lille3000 is inspired by far more recent events. The city reinvented itself in 2004 as European City of Culture, but wanted to carry on building new projects in art, fashion, technology and design for the future. And so here, we have a festival thats not a festival rather, its a meeting of minds from all walks of creative life in venues across a city that loves to welcome the new. Its a loose conglomeration of shows that span the year, so theres always something to see. Pinterest An artist performs during the parade of the lille3000 event in September 2015.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit https://www.theguardian.com/french-city-breaks/2017/apr/06/heading-to-france-these-are-the-events-not-to-miss

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