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Some Simple Answers On Level-headed Night Cream Solutions
15.01.2017 06:55

"More and more people are taking control of their Zen by loving their skin, wellness and bodies on adaily basis. They are carving out me-time at home to improve the quality of their lives because they can. We are giving ourselves permission to feel good, look good and be confident in our own skin, she says, adding that healthy skin and a healthy, confident attitudeleads itself for better productivity, happiness and peace. It all stems fromself-worth andacceptance and bringing the spaexperience to a private space feeds a positive, lovingexistence. You May Also Like: Relax: The Best Products For Stress Relief View photos Wright is correct, as setting aside just a few minutes on one or two nights every week to do a simple face mask or enjoy a relaxing bath does wonders for your stress levels and sense of calm. To get your at-home spa routine off on the right foot, the brand just debuted new packaging and products for 2017, including a Coconut Cleanser ($19), Energy Misting Elixir ($22), Blemish Buster Spot Treatment ($20), Illuminata Hydrating Eye Gel ($45), Bee Hydrated Moisturizer ($65) and Premium Reserve ($150)but the ultimate offering that got me hooked? The brands Glow Masks ($50)both the Signature and Detox options are incrediblewhich, when combined with the Mask Mixing Bowl ($28) and Brush ($19) (Wright collaborated with Faith Adams for the bowl and the London Brush Company for the vegan brush), make you feel like youre in the middle of a five-star spa. The idea behind these best-selling powder-based face and body masks is to combine them with the lines elixirs or water to make a paste that suits your liking inside the bowl (you can even add your favorite facial oil to make the experience even more luxurious) before applying it to your face or body with the facial brush. This step may seem unnecessary, but somehow, it adds an extra sense of calm and serenity to the process that will keep you coming back to it. Wash off the mask after 10 to 20 minutes (it will feel hardened when its ready to go) and your skin will be glowing and radiant, much like your mood and confidence . And thats exactly the point. After two decades as a spa owner and giving more than 12,000 facials, Wrights first-hand approach is simple: The way you feel about your skin directly impacts your confidence and self-esteem.

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